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New Purple and Lime colorway for 2024!


"Damn baby, I can't do it that fast...but I know someone who can" and then Dead City does the Twista verse (if you put the name of this song in as a promo code you get 10% off as a reward for getting the joke).


PSC has teamed up with cult leaders, Mitchie Dagger and Dean the Ram, from Dead Cicty Cycles in the great north to bring you this bandana highlighting a credo for the masses:  All People All Paces. 


Drawn by the one and only Mitche Dagger.  Printed on some of the softest cotton we've ever laid hands on (seriously, don't you hate when you get a bandana and if feels like a cloth napkin and the print is real scratchy and you just end up with a big ole bumpy neck after riding for two hours).  There are even a few easter eggs thrown in for the discerning eye.


If you live in Canada please order from Dead City Cycles instead of Party Size Cycling as they can ship to you without charging international rates.


The details:

-22" x 22" (56cm for our non-Imperial friends)

-Incredibly soft 100% Cotton, seriously you are going to get it and be like this is the softest bandana ever, and then you are going to wash it one time and it somehow gets softer and your head explodes.

-Printed with virtually no hand (fancy term for you can't feel the ink at all) by the fine team over at Canopy Press  (♫because my heart is in Ohio♫)


All People All Paces Bandana

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