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Tired of cleaning stale beer out of your stem bag?  Sick of your bevy going flat over the course of your ride (unless you shotgun it all at once of course).  Have troulble finding your bevy at night?  Well HOW-DY do we have the solution for you.


This hand hot foil stamped glow in the dark Beverage Buddee pops over the top of any standard can and creates and airtight seal to keep your beverage of choice from spilling out when you hit the chunk.  The seal also means it keeps your bubbles from going flat.  Danglers will rejoice in the convenient ball chain loop to hang this off a molly strap, a saddle rail or anything else you can think of.


Glow in the Dark Bevy Cover

Excluding Sales Tax
  • These are hand foil stamped and none will be perfect.  Please understand that the logo will always have some degree of imperfection.

  • Be sure to choose the Pack of 5 option to get the better price!

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