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High Bridge Guide


High Bridge has a little bit of riding for everyone whether ripping the gnar on singletrack, getting siiiiiq air downhill riding, chilled out rail trail or string them all together for an ATB dreamland.  We got it all packed into just a few square miles.


The Columbia Trail is a 15 mile rail trail that connects High Bridge to the neighboring towns of Califon and Long Valley.  There is an ever so slight but noticeable climb for the first two miles, but overall very flat and friendly to all types of bikes.

Maintained and created by the High Bridge Chapter of JORBA (Jersey Off-Road Biking Association) these are the only Downhill MTB trails on municipal land in New Jersey.  There is a pump track, green and blue one-way trails with two climbing trails around the outside (no shuttling here punks you PNW babies).  Please check their IG for Open/Closed status as these are groomed trails that need to be avoided when wet to avoid damaging the jumps and berms.

A collection of mainly blue trails about a mile from the heart of Main Street High Bridge.  These trails are definitely for the more seasoned MTB or ATB rider as the sections are steep and rocky and rooted.  Hiking and trail running is also a great option in this area.

Springside Trails

Technically part of the Nassau Trail System, but a more recently developed trail system and is a bit more mild.  There are still thrills to be had but on much less steep terrain and features all have by-passes.  There is a steep connector that strings together Nassau and Springside.  The easiest way to access is to ride up the road from the main Nassau entrance and take a right to climb the double track through a field, but you can access via the Springside Connector trail and from Foran Field in Clinton as well.

NOTE: Sections of this trail system were recently closed.  Obey all signs and check trail forks for open trails before riding.

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