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High Bridge Guide

Food and Beverage

Lots of great options for the party craving to the tee-totaling.

high rail.jpeg

High Rail Closed, but a new brewery, Esker Hart Brewing, is opening in it's place January 2024.


Our local coffee shop and general meeting place for the local scuttlebutt.  Refined coffee and tea options with some light food options and takeout options.  Scout's is the sponsor of our Coffee Outside and their owner is the person who convinced us to actually start Party Size as a real thing


Sit down meals and great rotating craft beer selection.  Owned by an MTB enthusiast and friend to cyclists of all kinds.  Circa is the ending spot for our Friday Night Moves rides.

If your visiting for an extended period of time, Hunterdown County Beer Trail is home to a number of top notch breweries including High Rail.  While technically all ridable from High Bridge, we are still working on publishing some safe routes to all the options, but feel free to get creative, we will also forgive you if you drive to some of them.

Peking Wok

Honestly, some of the best Chinese Take-Out anywhere.  Especially the General Tso's Cauliflower for all you veg heads (I've assumed its vegan and really don't want to know if it's not because I would die if it wasn't).

Polka Dot Cafe

Ice Cream, confections and home style dining options..  Directly off the Columbia Trail a great spot for a quick treat.  The owner is also responsible for most of the gnome homes and scenes on the trail.

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