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High Bridge Guide


The town of High Bridge proper does not have any lodging, and Air BnB options are limited.  However, there are some great options in the surrounding to accommodate multiple different types of adventures.

Voorhees State Park butts up to the High Bridge border in multiple places.  While it technically is accessible by bike or hike, there is some significant elevation in between that you would have to contend with, but still by all means do-able.

There is a Marriott property on the main highway that runs parallel to High Bridge that is accessible by bike but does include about half a mile of a very busy 50 mph two lane highway, but there is a large shoulder.  See here for a RWGPS Route that avoids the highway for the most part.


About 6 miles outside of town is Round Valley Resvoir recteation area that has plenty of wilderness campsites.  These camp sites are about a 3-6 mile hike (techincally biking is allowed but it would mostly be hike a bike for all but the most advanced MTB riders).  The sites are also accessible via canoe/kayak.

Another Marriott property is located just before you reach Round Valley, this is 100% accessible by bike without hitting any highways, but there is a decent amount of elevation between High Bridge and this hotel.  Bonus points for being directly across the street from Sunken Silo Brewery.

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